Focus on Round shape injection molding 40 years.
With a focus on "world-class round shaped processed products", we offer a total of product design, mold design and production, and injection molding that meet customer requirements.
Usami mold
We cooperate with Usami Seimitsu Co., Ltd., an affiliated company, to provide consistent support from molds to injection molding for gears, worms, medical parts .
Spur gear/helical gear/copter Cal gear
Plastic helical gears, round rotating parts.
Worm gear
Round shape rotating parts such as plastic worms and screws.
Shade gear, beherugia
Round shape rotating parts such as plastic bevel gears.
Plastic pulley, multi-directional slide, vertical stagger, etc.
Screw/screw screw
Plastic screw, internal screw, external screw shape rotating parts.
Shade gear, beherugia
Round medical parts such as plastic tubes, tips, plungers, etc.
Eco-action 21
Circular shape
Round shape specialty
From single component prototyping to mass production, we support companies with development capabilities and precision-oriented functional product manufacturing, backed by numerous achievements.
◎ Round shape specialty
Production of injection molds for rotating parts such as gears and worms
Design and manufacture of plastic molds for
・Medical use
・OA-related use
・Car-related use
Molding & Resin
Injection molding technology
We can also provide prototype molding for such as worms, gears using original quick molds.
・Mold Design
・Mold Making
・Trial &. Mass
A mold is manufactured at Usami Mold, and molding, quality control are performed at Usami Seimitsu.
Through this series of flows, we provide customers with reliable products and respond to deadlines.
Low price and
Short delivery time!
Trial manufacture die
We provide mold making for trial production.
Experts in plastic mold making would mold ideal shapes in a short delivery time. Please feel free to inquiry for the shape around plastic gears that cannot be tool machined.
Trial manufacture die
Small lot production with low price and short delivery time! Trial production projects can be handled with our own Quick Molds. Please consult from small lots such as 10 or 30 pieces.
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